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  Top militia chief is top drug producer


Rangoon's head of the militia forces in eastern Shan State, Ja Seu-bo, is also one of the principal drug producer in the region, according to both Shan and Lahu sources.

Ja Seu-bo, 50, a native of Mongyang, north of Kengtung who had made Monghpyak his home since he fled from the conquering Communist Party of Burma in the 70's, has his refinery near the village of Kainao and Nga-herh in Nampang Tract, northwest of Monghpyak, said the sources.

His 150-strong militia force, officially known as Special Mobile Force of Nampang Tract roam both Nampan and its twin tract, Namyoom, 20 miles and 8 miles west of Monghpyak respectively. He has recently been named chief representative of the militia forces in the Triangle Region (eastern Shan State) that headquarters in Kengtung.

His deputy is Yawharn, also a native of Mongyang.

They were recently reinforced by drug operators, who chose to remain behind, after Wa forces along the Mekong, east of Monghpyak were pressured by the Chinese to move back to Panghsang in March, said the Shan source.

"Ja Seu-bo is intimate with Brig-Gen Htoon Shwe, Commander of the Military Operations Command #18, that is responsible for overall security in the area," said a Lahu trader. "His territory that lies south of Mongpak and north of Monghai is totally free of armed groups other than his."

One of the sources summed up Rangoon's War on Drugs as follows: "Front, window-dressing, cosmetics, you name it."

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