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Burmaís first Presidentís wife passed away

DVB - January 18, 2003

The first president of Burma, Yawnghwe Sawbwa [Chief], Sao Shwe Thaikís wife, Maha Devi Sao Nang Hearn Kham passed away peacefully in her house in Canada at the age of 87. She is the daughter of Hsenwi [Theinni] Sawbwa and she was a woman MP during the U Nuís government's period. In the 1962 coup, her husband Sao Shwe Thaik was arrested and their Yawnghwe Haw [Palace] near Lake Inle in southern Shan State was raided by the soldiers of U Ne Winís junta. She then fled to Thailand with her five children where she fought for the liberation of the Shan State. A spokesman for the Shan Herald News explained to the DVB about the Sao Nang Hearn Kham as follows:

A: The name of Yawnghwe Maha Devi is Daw Hearn Kham. She was born in Hsenwi Haw, [northern Shan State] in 1916. Her father is the famous man in Burmese history, the Sawbwa of Khun Sam Tun Oo. She was married to Yawnghwe Sawbwa, Sao Shwe Thaik during her brother Sao Hom Hpaís reign and became a Maha Devi. She also participated in the Pang Long Treaty of 1946-47. From 1956 to 1960, she was the MP for the constituency of Hsenwi. She was known for her active roles in the parliament. After the 1962 military coup, the whole family fled to Thailand. In 1964, under her leadership, the Shan State War Council [SSWC] and the Shan State Army [SSA] were formed by combining all the Shan dissidents. She was the Chairwoman of the SSWC.

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