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Unrest in Bekalaw refugee camp, Maesod, Thailand
April 11, 2003

It is reported that there was an unrest at Bekalaw refugee camp near Maesod yesterday and it is said that at least three people were hospitalised. The incident started after a Muslim plumber was arrested by the Thai security force. DVB’s Maung Too reports beginning with the comment of a Muslim mullah:

‘It was yesterday at Bekalaw, our people were repairing some defective water pipes. Four members of Thai security force turned up and without saying anything, beat our people up. Then, the headmaster, U Yunut was forced to come out at knifepoint, and then the local people turned up. They then opened fire on them and one onlooker was wounded and hospitalised. The people at the refugee camp feel aggrieved by it. The latest situation is it is very alarming.’

Maung Too : That was what a mullah told the DVB about the latest situation at Bekalaw. When the incident happened four Thai security members were surrounded by the local people and the security members opened fire and one woman and a man were wounded. The crowd beat up the Thai security members and they were seriously wounded. This morning the Thai authorities and Karen elders met to discuss the matter. The guns snatched by the refugees were returned. A curfew was imposed on the refugee camp. Last month, some Karen refugees who came out of the camp to collect leaves were arrested and sent back to Burma and the current situation could only make the living condition worse for the refugees.

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