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Dated: March 07, 2004

How a Cattle Trader Becomes a Terrorist!

SPDC Authority Sentenced a Cattle Trader a 7-Year Jail Sentence

Ann, March 07: A cattle trader was sentenced to 7-year imprisonment for suspecting of terrorist by a speedy tribunal without proper trial in Ann township of Arakan State, said a detainee released from Nasaka detention center.

On 27th January 2004, one Rohingya man named Sultan, 39, son of Motiur Rhaman, a cattle trader by profession hailing from Phone Nyo Lake (Hpon Myar Li) village of Buthidaung Township in Arakan State, accompanied by 3 other Rakhaings from Ze Di Taung village of Buthidaung Township went to Ann Township to purchase cattle. After reaching there on 29th January, 3 other Rakhaing men from Ann Township were also joined with them for cattle business, he further added,

Altogether, they bought 23 cattle, of them 10 were for Buthidaung city dwellers and the rest 13 were for Ann resident. After completing their works in Ann Township, they left for Buthidaung by roadway together with carrying their cattle. However, the Nasaka camp of No. 25 of Ann Township caught them while they were on the way to Buthidaung. In that case, they were carried to the Nasaka camp and detained there, said another detainee in Ann Nasaka camp.

The next day, after interrogations, 3 Rakhaing men from Ann Township were set free together with their 13 cattle while 4 other of Buthidaung Township dwellers were continued detained, said the victim’s father.

On 6th February 2004, on hearing the news, the relatives and parents of detained persons rushed to the Ann township and the rest 3 Rakaing men of Buthidaung inhabitant were also released with their 4 cattle on 7th February after paying a bribe of Kyat 100,000/-to the concerned authority of Nasaka camp No.25. Nevertheless, the said Sultan was not free though his father bribed the concerned authority Kyat 40,000/-. The Nasaka, also seized his six cattle, the source more added.

However, on 13th February, from Nasaka detention center, the trader Sultan was sent to the police camp. The same day, he was brought to the court of Ann Town and it sentenced him abruptly a 7-year jail chastisement for purportedly accusing him a terrorist without proper trial.

“It is quite clear that the ruling military junta plays “divide and rule policy” between two sister communities. How is a cattle trader becomes a terrorist. It is an extreme dislike policy towards Rohingya people in Arakan State,” said the father of the victim.

Most of the cattle in Bangladesh come from Ann, Mrauk-U, Kyauktaw, Myebon, Rambree, Kyaukpyu, Taungup and Gwa Townships of Arakan State by way of roadway and waterway.