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Union Solidarity and Development Association

South Okalapa Township

Implementation Plan


1. The Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) is a firm national organization that will exist in perpetuity pledging to work steadfastly and firmly with good will for the nationalities and for the prosperity and benefit of the people and the nation.

2. The South Okalapa Township, Yangon East District USDA branch is working for the implementation of its objectives and to strengthen its membership for the benefit of the nationalities and the prosperity of the country.

Opposition parties and their standing.

3. There are 13 wards in the South Okalapa Township where 2 representatives of the Opposition Party got elected in the 1990 elections. U Khin Maung Kyaw, the elected representative of Electorate 2, died on the 18th August 1991, so now there remains just one elected representative. He is U Soe Myint (Electorate No 1). They have established just one township office and have also a Youth Wing and a Women’s wing.

Ma Pyu Pyu Thin as leader with 14 members opened the office on 12th May 2002.

Our standing.

We have a total of 105242 ordinary members of which 665 are core members.
We operate with the following affiliated institutions:-

1. Township Police Force.

2. Township Red Cross Association.

3. Township Fire Brigade, Auxiliary Fire Brigade.

4. Retired Members of the Military.

5. Maternity and Child Welfare Association.

6. Women’s Affairs Committee.

7. People’s Power.

Our Objective.

5. We observe the following three guidelines so that a strong and compact membership can achieve national solidarity that the people can trust and respect.

(a) Nationalism as the main focus.

(b) Activities centered on the masses and by the masses.

(c) Personal relationships in dealing with the masses.

7. The following ten points are set down for the implementation of our objective.

(a) Increase and strengthen membership.

(b) Increase and strengthen core membership.

(c) Use appropriate methods.

(d) Compact and strong methods.

(e) Establish bases for organizing.

(f) Organize through activities in the villages.

(g) Organize through welfare organizations.

(h) Organize through youth groups.

(i) Organize through women groups.

(j) Aim at eradicating all opposition activities.

25. To reduce and eradicate fields of opposition activities.

Six methods to adopt against opposition parties to weaken their spirits and activities.

(1) Through organizational activities.

Recruit non members to join. If close and constant contact is maintained with them opportunities for opposition will decrease and eventually be non-existent.

a). Our aims and activities should be proclaimed, patiently explained and widely discussed with the people.

b). Understand the people’s needs and do what is possible to fulfill them.

c). Members and office bearers should maintain high moral standards as an example.

d). Adopt skills that create friendship with individuals.

e). Should have knowledge of opposition activities beforehand.

f). Core members should get close to friends of the opposition by assisting them in compassionate ways.

g). Eventually to recruit those individuals as members of the organisation.

(2) Through the Economy - in order to diminish and ruin the opposition’s capacity to prosper economically.

a). Study meticulously the businesses that are operated by the opposition parties and set up similar businesses to compete and destroy them.

b). Adopt tactics that will abolish ownership and their market areas.

c). Core members should approach ordinary opposition members who do not have capital for investment and by offering them such money, they can be persuaded to join the organisation.

(3) Through the Administration.

a). With cooperation and assistance from the authorities, opposition members and their families must be prevented from acting in ways, socially or commercially, that pose a threat to our organization or to the state.

b). The weaknesses that exist within family members of opposition parties must be studied and exploited.

c). Hard headed opposition individuals will eventually become shaken and agitated and most people will lose confidence in them.

d) When that eventually happens they will run away from their party.

(4) Act in accordance with the provisions of the law.

To be vigilant and examine whether the political, social and commercial activities of the opposition are in keeping with the law and to act as set out hereunder.

a). When political activities of the opposition can cause disintegration of the Union, the unity and solidarity of the nationalities, the sovereignty of the state, the authorities should be informed and action taken according to existing law.

b). When opposition party’s activities threaten the security of the state, the authorities should be informed and action taken in accordance with existing law.

c). Immoral conduct, disgraceful character and sinful acts of the opposition party members must be reported to the authorities and action taken according to existing laws.

(5) How People’s Power can be utilized.

The activities of opposition parties have the potential to destabilize the state and the peace and prosperity of the country; to disrupt the rule of law, cause widespread panic and disenchantment with the government resulting in outrage and demonstrations. On such occasions, each branch must cooperate with the authorities and people’s power to outwit and demonstrate in larger numbers to defeat the opposition. Our membership of 10524 outnumbers that of the opposition. As stated below we will plan to perform with people’s power in numbers far greater than the opposition.

(6) Annihilation through greater strength.

As soon as the opposition comes up with a special activity, the branch will show greater strength by recruiting members from adjacent areas and stage demonstrations, meet and discuss, and deal with head-on confrontation.

(7) Formation of working committees and supervision.

a) For successful implementation of our resolutions, branches at every level will form patron committees, working committees and sub-committees.

b). Respected and venerable individuals in the ward shall be appointed as members of the patron committee from whom advice will be sought.

c). Branches at every level will take directions as stated above and successfully implement the tasks assigned to them.

d). Information and communication must be established between members, the masses and within the branches at every level.


27. The North Okalapa USDA will take directions from the Patron Committee and implement the tasks at every level to establish a strong compact organization that will earn the respect of the people.

Source: NCGUB - East Office