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The central committee of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) held a meeting on 26 to 28 January 2004 in their headquarter, Laisin and the decision has been made to close Pan Kachin Development Society (PKDS) and its related offices. Currently, Pan Kachin has several projects including Environment, HIV, Buffalo, Sewing Project etc. Pan Kachin College in Mai Ja Yang will also be renamed as Economics Education and Computer (EEC). The college, established on 16 October 1999, has more than two hundred students and fifteen teachers engage in English and Computer trainings.

Pan Kachin Development Society was formed by Kachin Scholars and businessmen on June 11, 1994 in Chiangmai, Thailand. Its principal purpose was to help establish pilot project for basic education and healthcare in KIO (Kachin Independence Organization) jurisdiction of Kachin State in war-torn Burma. Additionally, it was to help revive Kachin culture and language in Yunan Province of People's Republic of China and Arunachal Preadesh and Assam of Republic of India. On June 25, 1996 Pan Kachin was incorporated in Dallas, Texas, USA as non-profit organization in pursuit of the objectives.

The primary aim of the organization was to foster a fraternal bond among its people In order to address civic responsibilities that were neglected due to prolonged civil war. From the inception of the organization, care was exercised not to become another opportunist NGO and at the same time neither to engage in politics nor to become a competitor to existing organizations.

Pan Kachin’s immediate attention was to turned to the KIO (Kachin
ndependence Organization) Area as the stating base for civic engagement.
The KIO leadership which signed cease fire agreement with the SLORC (State Law and Order Restoration Council-the military junta) in February 1994, accommodated Pan Kachin as a corollary partner in the initial stage of reconstruction.

This decision was taken after submitting report of an inquiry commission set by the KIO to study on "coup attempt over KIO leaders". KIO accused the Chairman of the PKDS, Bawmwang La Raw, involving in the coup attempt with his close associate Col. La Sang Awng Wah. Vice Chairman, Maj. Gen.Tsam Yan and three more Majors of the KIO were terminated from their positions and put them in the jail, including a pastor of Nawng-e-hku Church, Rev Doi La.

Bawmwang La Raw and representatives from all over Kachin State hold a
general meeting with the KIO Central Committees at Chairman Gen. La Mung Tu Jai's residence on 08 January 2004 in Laisin. They discussed on current situation of Burma, especially focused on the Kachin people, who suffer due to cease-fire made between KIO and the SLORC, now the State and Peace Development Council (SPDC). Meanwhile, some delegates suggested to disposition few KIO leaders. The controversy began from the meeting.

Pan Kachin students, teachers and staff around the world express their mourn surprise over the KIO's decision. Some feel that the decision made by the KIO violates international human rights. However, we have to watch out how the KIO will take the responsibilities to find alternate ways for them.